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Scroll the page down to discover the secrets of sloping roof renovation
Hello, our roof is leaking and we need professional help, right here, right now!
Mascotte Duro Toit
No problem, Les Couvreurs Duro-Toit are here for you! You don't need to face this alone. Leaks often occur in the winter because of the build-up of ice and snow on houses. Our inspection team will be at your place immediately!
Water Infiltration
Mascotte Duro Toit
Just relax while I examine the whole property, inside and out. Once I determine what the problem is, I'll let you know what measures need to be taken to correct it.
Roof Inspection
Mascotte Duro Toit
To avoid the unexpected, I advise you to regularly remove the snow and ice from your roof. But watch out! This type of work can easily result in falls and injuries. It's best to use the services of specialists, like us at Duro-Toit! Otherwise, be prepared for … Ouch! Pow! and %#*$!!! Especially given that you have to get back to work the following day.
Roof Snow Removal
But what will happen to my flower beds?
Mascotte Duro Toit
To prevent mishaps, our team takes to heart the protection of individuals present at the site, who are required to wear the appropriate equipment.
Don't worry about them! You just take it easy while I make sure that all aspects of your garden are protected. It will be as charming after the work as it was before!
Work Safety
Mascotte Duro Toit
I notice the presence of mould and other signs of water infiltration. My team and I will replace defective surfaces by removing part – or even, if necessary, all – of the roof covering.
Roof Waterproofing System
Mascotte Duro Toit
It is also possible that the leaks have damaged the structure of your roof. The type of intervention required may involve replacing some of the plywood sections. That way, the roof will provide a solid and level surface upon which to install the brand new shingles!
Structure and Decking
How can you prevent ice from accumulating on my roof?
Mascotte Duro Toit
My team and I will make sure that the attic is properly insulated to prevent the transfer of heat between it and the house. That will help to prevent the snow from melting and infiltrating the house. To that end, we will install a firewall and replace the existing insulation with more efficient products.
Roof Insulation
Mascotte Duro Toit
After replacing the plywood, I will need to prepare the surface by applying the drip caps! That is what prevents water from dripping down your walls.
A self-adhesive membrane should then be placed at the base of the roof, to keep it intact in case ice forms.
Do you know about vapour barrier underlayment? It creates a perfect shield against moisture.
Roof Waterproofing System
Mascotte Duro Toit
To not freeeeeze in the winter or meltttt in the summer, your system must allow air to circulate so as to keep the attic as close as possible to the temperature outdoors. I will take apart the cornices if necessary and install a more powerful fan.
Roof Ventilation
Mascotte Duro Toit
As for the preferred choice of material, you will find at Duro-Toit the best kind of consultants: happy to share their knowledge and offer you valuable suggestions. As a result, your shingles will blend in with the rest of your property, as well as meeting the Duro-Toit standards of durability and quality!
Shingle Roof Renovation
Certifications of Labor
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